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The KSF was founded in 2002 by Donald Gould, a former teacher and administrator at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School in Sudbury, Massachusetts. It is headquartered in Wayland, Massachusetts.

The KSF's mission is to help Russian students in the Republic of Karelia through giving them the opportunity to help themselves through higher education. Even though a college education is important in the United States, the same degree is crucial for economic survival in Russian society. For Russian youths, obtaining a university degree is often the difference between a frustrating life of poverty and the opportunity to work and support a family.
The KSF's symbol is the Republic of Karelia's
Russian students pay, when translated into American currency, a small amount of money to attend most Russian universities. But because most Karelian families earn very little, financing a university education is extremely difficult. The standard of living in Russia is very low and Karelia is the country's poorest republic. For most families, second or third jobs are a necessity, and activities such as eating out in restaurants an unimagined luxury.

By raising a modest amount of money here in the United States, the KSF is able to provide a great deal of aid to needy Russian students. Donors are able to contribute to the general scholarship fund or become a sponsor for a particular student.

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