Recent Recipients

Ali Ahmedov

Ali is a fourth year student in Psychology. He has worked in the Russian equivalent of Homeland Security and wants to return to that field after he graduates. Even with our scholarship money, he has to work part time. He is from the Russian region of Dagistan.

Lyba Goncharova
Lyba Goncharova

Lyba is from Petrozavodsk and is in her third year of the Psychology Department. Her career goal is to become a therapist.

Natalia Moloshkina

Natalia Molowkina

Natasha is a second year student in Foreign Language. She is from Petrozavodsk, and would like to be an interpreter in the future. She has done so well, she was moved to the ‘free’ department of the university this semester.

Olga Olenina
Olga Olenina Olga is a first year student in the Foreign Language Department who wants to work in Finland after she graduates. She is from Petrozavodsk.

Diana Petrova

Diana Petrova

Dasha is in her third year in the Psychology Department, and comes from a small village in Karelia. She is the first in her family to attend a university, and maintained that receiving the scholarship has motivated her to study harder. She wishes to be a psychological consultant.

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