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There are two ways you can support to the KSF, either by becoming a donor or becoming a sponsor. Either way, anything you contribute will go a long way in improving the life of a Russian youth.

One of the unique features about the KSF is that every contributed dollar goes to funding scholarships. The corporation currently pays for overhead, staff and other costs related to the KSF. Thus, every dollar you contribute is a scholarship dollar.

Become a donor

Any donation to the general scholarship fund will be added to other donations and used to fund scholarships.

Become a sponsor

Anyone who would like to sponsor a Russian student throughout his/her university life can contribute $5,000, either by paying the entire amount initially, or $1000 a year for five years.

"Taking a study break" 
Sponsors will be named benefactors of a particular scholarship, and will learn about the student's life and progress. Sponsors can also exchange email or letters with the student, and, as generosity and hospitality are central to Russian culture, will probably receive an invitation to visit the student's family in Karelia.

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