How Students Are Chosen

The KSF uses a screening process that emphasizes a combination of student achievement and student financial need. Typically, in July all Russian students who wish to attend a university take a series of rigorous examinations, tailored to different university departments. Some students who do very well on their exams will be admitted to a university with no tuition fee. Others don't do well on their exams and are not admitted at all. The KSF gives scholarships to a middle group of students, those who do well enough to be admitted to the university, but are required to pay tuition.
The selection process begins in the end of July, when the KSF Russian staff selects a department at one of the two universities in Petrozavodsk that has had a large number of scholarship applicants. The KSF staff will explain the program to students who are interested in applying and provide them with KSF scholarship applications. The students are given one week to complete the applications, after which the Russian staff will make recommendations to the Director of the KSF and forward all the applications to the U.S.

Russian student using a computer at the Petrozavodsk State University.
There, after the applications are translated into English, the Board of Directors and Officers of the KSF rank the student applications in order of preference, with the number of students who will be awarded scholarships being determined by available funds. The students who will be awarded scholarships are then informed of this by the Russian staff, and the scholarships will be given directly to the university the students is going to attend.
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